Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Buying things online

Hey guys! What's up? :)

As you may have noticed, today's post is about buying things online.

I'm not actually fan of buying things online, specially when it comes to clothes and cosmetics. I think that clothing is something that you can only say that looks good on you if you try it. And buying them online, of course, doesn't give you that opportunity.

It has already happened to me, I see something that I like so much in my hands but then when I try it, it doesn't look good on me. Also, what if I choose the wrong size and then it dosen't fit me? For sure, you have the option to send it back (or not). That's why buying things in the stores is so much easier.´

Recently I had this huge disappointment about online stores and real stores. I'm in love with berry colour so I was crazy for getting a berry lipstick. I went to a cosmetics online store and I saw this beeeaaautiful lisptick that was actually the colour I wanted. But wait, it gets better: THEY WE'RE ON SALE!

My best friend's mother was out for business and the city she went had the store where the lipstick was being sold, so she offered to buy it for me. I gave her the reference and when she came back and gave it to me, the lipstick was red!

I checked online if was the same that I wanted and it was! The colour was completely different... That's why I think it's so much better buying stuff in stores because you can see if that's what you're actually looking for.

The only thing that I don't mind buying online is phone cases because there are not a lot of things that can go wrong such as mistake the phone brand haha.

Thanks for reading,
Francisca :) x


  1. Really enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other!

    1. Thank you for your comment, I loved to read it! And of course, I'd love to do that!

      I already checked it and it's really cool, congratulations on yours! :)