Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Buying things online

Hey guys! What's up? :)

As you may have noticed, today's post is about buying things online.

I'm not actually fan of buying things online, specially when it comes to clothes and cosmetics. I think that clothing is something that you can only say that looks good on you if you try it. And buying them online, of course, doesn't give you that opportunity.

It has already happened to me, I see something that I like so much in my hands but then when I try it, it doesn't look good on me. Also, what if I choose the wrong size and then it dosen't fit me? For sure, you have the option to send it back (or not). That's why buying things in the stores is so much easier.´

Recently I had this huge disappointment about online stores and real stores. I'm in love with berry colour so I was crazy for getting a berry lipstick. I went to a cosmetics online store and I saw this beeeaaautiful lisptick that was actually the colour I wanted. But wait, it gets better: THEY WE'RE ON SALE!

My best friend's mother was out for business and the city she went had the store where the lipstick was being sold, so she offered to buy it for me. I gave her the reference and when she came back and gave it to me, the lipstick was red!

I checked online if was the same that I wanted and it was! The colour was completely different... That's why I think it's so much better buying stuff in stores because you can see if that's what you're actually looking for.

The only thing that I don't mind buying online is phone cases because there are not a lot of things that can go wrong such as mistake the phone brand haha.

Thanks for reading,
Francisca :) x

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Eyeshadow matching eye colour?

Hey guys! What's up? :)

It's been a long time since I last posted, but school actually takes a lot of my time.

Today's post is going to be about make-up. Eye make up.

There are some colours that match better with your eye colour than others, so if you don't know which colours match better with you.

After doing some reserach, I noticied that most of the people agree with the theory that the complementary colours of your eyes are the ones that match the best.

To make it easier to understand, below is a colour wheel that is used to see which colours you should use.

But, to be honest, I don't think that following this "rule" is actually a good way to define your make up.

I'll give you my example; I'm green-eyed and I clearly don't see myself with pink or purple eyeshadow.

In my opinion, a gold soft colour fits every eye colour and it's actually a very pretty colour (specially in autumn and winter) that fits everyday, whether you dress casual or you're going to some event. 

So, to sum up my idea, I'm on the side that you should use whatever you feel comfortable in and don't take random things as this as the right option (of course always with limits).

Thanks for reading,
Francisca :) x

P.S: comment with your opinions, let's share ideas! x

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sounds Good Feels Good

Hey guys! What's up? :)

As a member of the 5SOS Family, the so much expected day finally came... 5SOS released their second album "Sounds Good Feels Good"!

I read in an article that the album was made for us, like they want us to feel that they're more than a band to us... They absolutely got it right! The album is really what I was looking for... I'm so in love with all the songs, it was worth the wait.

Since the first time I heard "Permanent Vacation" in my ROWYSO tour concert, I knew this album would be great... It really does sound good and feels good as well!

When I saw that they're going on tour ("Sounds Live Feels Live tour") in 2016, I got super excited because I was hoping I could see them again, but then I realised that Portugal is not on the list of the countries :(

Tell me what you think about the album, let's share opinions!

Thanks for reading,
Francisca :) x

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Stress because of school

Hey guys! What's up? :)

As you could have noticed, I haven't posted in a while. But I have a valid reason.

School started 3 weeks ago and I'm already under so much pressure... High school is such a responsability... This year I don't have any free afternoon. My schedule is completely full with extra classes and stuff.

Stress is a terrible thing. When people are under stress, they tend to do things not in the best way because they're tired and zoned out.

To me, a very important thing to relieve stress is to have a hobby. Something that clears your head of your problems and helps you to relax; it's a great escape.

My hobbies are ballet and guitar lessons. I really enjoy spending the little free time I have there. And of course, it's a great excuse to pause my studying :P

It's a fact that sports can improve your school performance. Why don't you give it a try?

Thanks for reading,

Francisca :) x

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Caring about what people say about us?

Hey guys! What's up? :)

Today was very hard to choose a title to this post. I wanted to talk about caring about what people say about us. Yap, that's gonna be the tittle. But as a question.

I'm going to do a little introduction about why I choose this topic today. First, in order to my last post "First Impressions" I told you that it's important to make a good impression of yourself. But is that really necessary?

Today, in Philosofy we were kinda debating some stuff and this one girl made me think about this. She told us that we shouldn't care about what people say about us, what we wear, which people we're with... and yeah, she's right because in the end we'll always have someone judging us or not liking what we do/did. The reality is this one. We can't please the whole world at the same time.

By the way, returning to the question in italic, in my opinion we souldn't care much about what people say, but I think that what I said in my last post is very important. If we aren't nice to other people we'll end up having no one loving us, and being with people who like us is one of the ways to feel fulfilled.

So as you could notice, I'm kinda divided when it comes to this, I think that the right thing to do is caring enough. Caring until where it makes you happy. When caring about what other people might say or think makes you feel unconfortable with yourself when you weren't before, you may stop and rethink it.

Thanks for reading,
Francisca :) x

Monday, 21 September 2015

First impressions

Hey guys! What's up? :)

Today was my first school day, so I brought a topic kinda about it. First impressions.

To me, first impressions are very important because that's the opinion about someone that stays in your mind forever, or at least for a very long time.

I hate to give a bad first impression of myself. A bad attitude, a comment that might slip through your lips without a mean intention, other people may take that as something negative.

When I meet someone for the first time, I always think "It's better to give a good first impression, be a nice person and be true than to be a rude person with bad attitudes in the first meeting because that's the idea that people get of you".

And that's true. If you are always nice and you're kind to other people, when you're in a bad day, you can have a not-so-good attitude that people will forgive you because they'll think you're just in a bad day... After all we all have the right to have bad days. But if you're always a bad person, once you're nice to someone, people will not believe you, they'll think you're faking it.

What I mean is, always remember to be nice. It's so good to be surrounded by people with good vibes.

Thanks for reading,
Francisca :) x

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Healthy breakfast/afternoon snack

Hey guys! What's up? :)

Every day, when I wake up or even in the middle of the afternoon, I find my self asking the question "And now? What am I going to eat?"

Lately, I've been worrying a lot about my weight and I'm making a huge effort to lose some because of esthetic and health issues.

It's possible to have a nice diet without being starved all the time. You just need to eat well and get used to it. 

You know that feel when you open the fridge and you think "I don't have anything nice to eat!"? Well, that might be over. To me, fruit and yoghurt are the perfect match for a snack, so today I'm going to give you a tip to make a delicious and healthy meal.

I choose this cup/jar (mine has 0,6L of capacity).

Then you'll need two apples, two natural yoghurts (those with little sugar and low fat) and an orange. Reminding you that my jar is big. You might take some time to get used to the taste of the yoghurt... At first I didn't like it either haha.

First you need to cut the fruit in slices. After that, you start to put these by the following layers: apple, yoghurt, apple, yoghurt, orange. 

Annnnd, that's it, Simple.

It only takes about 15 minutes to make it.

I use a spoon like this because I can grab the yoghurt with the
"normal" end and I can also stick the fruit with the other end.

Side note: for me, this is too much so my jar as a cap and when I feel full, I put the cap in it and keep it in the fridge to eat later.

It looks kinda gross, but it's not haha

Thanks for reading,
Francisca :) x