Thursday, 24 September 2015

Caring about what people say about us?

Hey guys! What's up? :)

Today was very hard to choose a title to this post. I wanted to talk about caring about what people say about us. Yap, that's gonna be the tittle. But as a question.

I'm going to do a little introduction about why I choose this topic today. First, in order to my last post "First Impressions" I told you that it's important to make a good impression of yourself. But is that really necessary?

Today, in Philosofy we were kinda debating some stuff and this one girl made me think about this. She told us that we shouldn't care about what people say about us, what we wear, which people we're with... and yeah, she's right because in the end we'll always have someone judging us or not liking what we do/did. The reality is this one. We can't please the whole world at the same time.

By the way, returning to the question in italic, in my opinion we souldn't care much about what people say, but I think that what I said in my last post is very important. If we aren't nice to other people we'll end up having no one loving us, and being with people who like us is one of the ways to feel fulfilled.

So as you could notice, I'm kinda divided when it comes to this, I think that the right thing to do is caring enough. Caring until where it makes you happy. When caring about what other people might say or think makes you feel unconfortable with yourself when you weren't before, you may stop and rethink it.

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